Red laser pointers are fully functioning lasers employing an inexpensive red laser diode. The already weak power of the red laser is further crippled by a potentiometer (POT) regulating the flow of electricity to the diode. To modify, or "mod," the red laser diode, increase the flow of electricity by adjusting the POT. The procedure only requires a simple household tool. Adult supervision is required if a child is involved, as any laser pointer, no matter how weak, can cause injury or harm if it's mishandled.

                                                           Things You'll Need


                                                          2.Duct tape

                                                          3.Flat-edged jeweler's screwdriver



Unscrew the battery cap from the back end of the red laser pointer. Place the battery cap aside. Remove the batteries from inside the battery compartment and place them aside as well.


Stand the vice on the work table. Clamp the vice's gripping jaw around an edge of the work table to secure it.


Place a strip of duct tape around the back end of the red laser pointer, a few inches in front of the battery compartment. Place the back end of the pointer into the jaws of the vise. Close the jaws of the vice around the pointer on the duct tape.


Twist the front end of the pointer back and forth until it breaks off the back end. Place the front end aside.


Locate the silver screw on the green circuit board that is jutting out of the back end. Turn the screw a quarter-turn clockwise with the flat-edged jeweler's screwdriver.


Apply bonding glue around the rim of the back end that surrounds the green circuit board. Place the front end on the back end so that the pointer is again a single piece. Let the bonding glue set for two hours.


Remove the pointer from the vice. Remove the duct tape. Place the batteries back in the battery compartment and the battery cap back on the back end

Tips & Warnings

Never aim a laser pointer at a person's eyes, at your pet's eyes or at any other living thing.