One thing a play or musical performance needs is good lighting. It's something that with a little imagination, even the most amateur production can achieve. Professional lights are expensive but you can make a lighting set up yourself for surprisingly little money with materials that you can pick up from your hardware store.

                                                      Things You'll Need

                                              2 plastic electrical gang boxes.

                                                            3 dimmer switches

                                                            3 wall outlets, three-prong

                                                            3 lamps with clamp bottoms

                                                            2 short bolts

                                                            6 cover plates

                                                            Three-prong power cord

                                                            6 feet of electrical cable



Take the two gang boxes and drill two holes in each, on the left side of one and the right of the other. Attach these together with the bolts.


Drill two larger holes in the back, one for all your wires and one in the left box for the power cable.


Using your electrical cable, wire the box up, keeping the wires as taut as possible. Wire each dimmer switch to each outlet and both the dimmers and outlet to the power socket. A diagram of how to do this is included in the Resources.


Mount the dimmers and outlets into the gang boxes.


Put on the cover plates. Plug one lamp into each outlet. Attach the power cable and plug into the mains.


Use the clamps to attach your stage lights where you need them. You may need to buy stands for this. Each dimmer switch should now control a light.

Tips & Warnings

1.Use the right side gang box to hold the outlets and the left for the dimmers.

2.Gels, available from all lighting shops, will improve the effects of your lights. Gels are colored transparent sheets that color the lighting for different moods and effects.

3.A three-prong power cord can be sourced from a computer of other piece of electrical equipment