Using a laptop or desktop computer as a lightshow doesn't require any knowledge of programming or expensive software. In fact, software for producing an effective light show for parties and special events is probably already installed on the system. The Windows Media Player on most computers running a Windows operating system includes dozens of built-in, animated visualizations. The player is also available for Mac users.Swirling colors and patterns are synchronized to music played on the software, which creates an exciting audio-video sensation for parties. All you need is a projector to get the lightshow on a screen or any large, blank wall surface and a video cable for connecting to the computer. 

                                                                                 Things You'll Need

                                                                         Computer running Windows




Connect a VGA cable to the input jack on the back of the projector and the other end to the computer's VGA output jack, or use the monitor jack on the computer


Connect an external sound system to the computer using the line out jack or the headphone jack on a laptop.


Place a music CD in the computer's media tray and close. The Windows Media Player should launch automatically. You can also play music stored on the computer by going into the Widnows media Player library and viewing the list of available titles.


Turn on the projector, aim at a blank wall or projection screen and sharpen the image by adjusting the focus control, which is usually on the front of the lens.


Launch Windows Media Player manually by clicking the Start button on the lower left-hand side of the screen, then choose All Programs and select Windows Media Player.


Click the Now Playing tab on the upper left-hand side of the computer screen to reveal a drop-down menu.


Click Visualizations to reveal another drop-down menu.


Choose and click from among the available visualizations to create a display on the attached projector. Each visualization is animated in synchronization with the beat of the music. Colors change automatically. The visualizations can be changed by going back into the Visualizations folder and clocking on different selections.