Laser projectors can be useful for providing light shows at dance clubs and live music shows. A professional grade laser projector is out of the budget range for many people. As an alternative, consider a do-it-yourself laser projector.

                                                                                              Things You'll Need

                                                                                          1. Laser pointer

                                                                                           2.Refractive glass with patterns on it

                                                                                           3.Superglue or bonding glue



Disassemble a handheld fan and remove the plastic blades from it. Attach a piece of refractive glass to the center spinning mechanism using bonding glue. The piece of glass should be about 3 inches long by 3 inches high. Wait for it to dry. Now when you turn on the fan engine it will spin the glass.


Attach the handheld fan to one of the tripods using the duct tape. Position it so that it is standing straight up.


Attach the laser pointer to another tripod using duct tape and turn it on. Position the laser pointer so that it shines through the refractive glass.


Turn off the lights and project the laser beam toward a wall. Turn on the fan and the laser beam. Shine the laser beam at the glass. When the beam pierces the glass, it will project whatever pattern is on the glass to the wall behind it.