If you want to create your own laser light show, then follow these steps to get started. You see these type of laser light shows at concerts and other events, and they add an electric vibe of energy to the mix. Your laser light show can be completely of your own creation with unique lasers and color of lights. Learn how you can make a laser light show.

Things you will need

1  Small mirror  
2  tape     
3  speaker wire
 4  laser light


Get your loud speaker and your rubber cement. Place some of the rubber cement on the back of the small mirror and then attach the small mirror to the middle of your speaker.

Take the speaker wires and connect them to the speaker terminals. Be careful as you do this step and make sure attach them properly to the speaker so that the sound will travel through.

Grab the other end of the speaker wires and attach them to the stereo speaker. Get some tape and place in on the laser pointer button to keep it permanently held down.

Start your laser light show by aiming the laser at the little mirror you have attached to the smaller speaker. Find out where the light bounces off too.

Keep adjusting the speakers so that the laser aims at a wall. Once it is on the wall, make sure both the speaker and laser are propped up on their own.

Turn on your stereo and the vibrations will make your laser move and make cool patterns. The vibrations will make the mirror reflect different shapes in your laser stream.