Laser pointers are commonly used by teachers and business professionals as a way of highlighting text or pictures during a presentation. The beam in most laser pointers is not set at full capacity. It is possible to intensify the beam of your hand held pointer in order to make it more powerful. This can be an interesting experiment for an electronics class or, alternatively, can be done for personal fun.

                                                   Things You'll Need

                                            Small Phillips head screwdriver




Disable your laser pointer by taking out the batteries. Open up the pointer casing using the screwdriver.


Remove the laser module from the pointer casing. Locate the variable resistor on the laser module's circuit board. It has the appearance of a small Phillips head screw.


Tighten the screw a little. Do not tighten it all the way as the laser pointer is not designed to handle that much heat. Put the module back in the casing. Insert the batteries and have a play with your new pointer.


Tips & Warnings

1.Alternatively you can shine the laser pointer beam through optical equipment, such as binoculars or a telescope. The lens will intensify the laser beam.

2.Never point the laser beam at a person or animal, especially not at their eyes. It is very dangerous.