Laser projectors send a thin beam of light across a large distance. They can create spectacular effects, but you don't have to go to the store to purchase a laser projector. You can construct a home-made laser projector with a few simple materials.


                                                          Things You'll Need


                                                      LED flashlight

                                                      Needle nose pliers



Lay a towel down on a work surface.


Remove the batteries from an LED flashlight. Remove the reflector from the flashlight. Take the lens out of the reflector and throw it away.


Use needle nose pliers to take the bulb out of the flashlight. Dispose of the bulb.


Get an AixiZ laser casing and take it apart so the front and the back are separate. Throw the front part away.


Turn on your soldering iron--be careful as it gets quite hot. Put the back part of the AixiZ laser casing on to the towel. You should see a laser diode attached to it.


Use the soldering iron to connect the positive and negative with a conductive pin. Allow the solder to cool down.


Connect the AixiZ laser casing with the conducive pins to the LED flashlight. Use bonding glue to hold everything in place. Allow the glue to harden.


Attach the reflector to the flashlight. Reinstall the batteries and put the battery lid back on.


Test the laser projector by switching the flashlight on and aiming it at a wall. Do not point the laser into the eyes or into people's homes.