First let us to learn about the fireworks effects dj laser light, Features: red and green laser fireworks stars effects, planar laser-point effect, More than 2000 points shootted out from aperture, flashing, like a sky full of fireflies,are also similar to the fireworks scattering effect. Beam scattering angles greater than 40 degrees, with rotation, strobe, opening and closing effects. Spot position and intensity distribution and includes more geometric pattern effect,Advanced design program, DMX512 signal control, but also stand-alone or from on-line synchronization. Voice-activated mode, closed with a voice-activated light features.

• 50mW 532nm green laser,TE-cooled+100mW Red laser,
• Operating modes:Auto, Sound active, DMX512.
• After 8 seconds without sound laser will be shut down automatically
• Dynamic scan speed adjust
• Dynamic pattern speed adjust
• LED indicator displays the status of the POWER
• Sound sensitivity control
• Fan cooled
• Power:110V/220V
• Applicable for Disco, Pub, Bar, Clubs, Large stage, Entertainment center, Casinos, Family party etc.
More than 100 patterns inbuilted.Flashing,Fantastic space time tunnel,Fireworks,Rotation,Speed(+/-),Creat light wall and light tunnel and cloud sea with the fog.

Fireworks Laser stage light Effects pictures;