Lasers generate a light in one color using electrons to leave behind trails of light. Laser lights provide a colored light used for adding color to dark environments. Used mainly for light shows or parties, laser lights come in a variety of different colors and styles from LED lights to hand-held laser lights. However, using tape, markers and paint, you may customize each type of light to add new effects and colors.

                                                                            Things You'll Need

                                                                            Masking tape

                                                                            Drawing pencils





 Prepare the light for customization. Using a wet rag, clean the frame of the light, removing any dirt and dust in order to prepare the device for decoration. Remove the bulb. Remove the bulb cover and turn the bulb counterclockwise to remove it. Ensure that the light is not plugged into any electrical outlets while you clean.



Cover the frame, wiring and electrical components of the light with masking tape. Improper masking of the light can damage the device, so ensure that all electrical components are covered.



 Decide on a color scheme or theme for the frame. Before painting, sketch, stencil or draw a design onto the frame. Draw, sketch or stencil lightly in case you need to erase. Add logos of your favorite team, songs or bands onto the frame. Ensure that all logos and themes maintain a unified color scheme.



Using acrylic paints, paint the exterior of the frame using the drawing outlines for guidance. For larger areas of the frame, paint using a filbert brush and for smaller areas paint using a round-tip brush. Be sure to paint in one direction--horizontal or vertical--to avoid paint streaks from forming. Allow the paint to dry before using the lights.



Add a new color to the light bulb. With the bulb removed, add colored plastic tape onto the bulb. Since plastic colored tape is transparent, the light from the laser will pass through the tape, producing a new color. For added effects, draw or cut symbols and logos onto the tape using markers or a cutting knife. Avoid covering the area of the bulb that screws into the electrical socket of the light fixture.