Maintenance Introductions

We always try our best to make sure of the quality of our products´╝îin order to maintain both parts profit wholelife. Derein will give two years free maintenance .


1. Maintenance Extent

PCB Board 2 years
Motors 2 years
Laser Diode  6 months
Laser Show software 
No warranty
Product packaging  
No warranty


2. Maintenance Certification

(1). QC will test the products exactly before sending, the QC marked the date in the frame of the products is Ex-factory, please don’t tear it. moreover, DIY repair machines also can damaged the lable, as a result we can’t recognize the Ex-factory time.
(2). Please keep your order’s information ,we will make archive records when you maintain your products.


3. Payment for Maintenance

(1). artificial damage
(2). maintain other company’s products
(3). contrary to operation procedure causing the machine program cannot recover
(4). failed update and lost data of chips


4. Others

You have to pay for the shipping fee when you return the goods, and we will undertake the shipping fee when we send you.